What is the '25 Collective?'

The '25 Collective' is a group of local and socially responsible businesses supporting Shekinah to end homelessness. By becoming a key Shekinah partner, the collective of businesses are committed to raising a minimum £25,000 for Shekinah to support a person's progression out of rough sleeping and into their own home with their own job and their own life.

'If Shekinah didn’t exist, I would still be stuck in an addiction rut.  
The staff are amazing, every problem I have had, work, housing, debts or just to talk, they have been there to help and support me. The training courses have been really helpful!  Without them I really don’t know where I would be today, but it wouldn’t be good.’  

‘Before I came to Shekinah I had very poor memory, low confidence and self esteem, the staff at Shekinah both in and out of the workshop were amazing in every aspect. The patience and understanding they showed for both myself and others is admirable. If it wasn't for Shekinah I wouldn't have gained all my confidence I now have in myself and also my memory is far better through the patience given to myself with repeated teaching at times I struggled. ​ Last but not least if it wasn't for Shekinah I wouldn't be able to have earned a living to give myself and my 3 little girls a happier and more full-filling life together. I’m looking for somewhere nicer for us to live and we are planning a holiday next year.’ 

For more information please contact Soo Brizell [email protected]tel 07872601549.


We are proud to announce that Obedair Construction have become our first '25 Collective' partner and are also a founder partner.