"Without a home, no one can achieve their full potential’

Tenancy Sign up: always attend the tenancy sign up and review the tenancy conditions with the person to ensure they understand their responsibilities under the tenancy agreement.

Landlord Relationship: maintain appropriate communication with the landlord throughout the person’s tenancy, to effectively respond to any concerns as they arise.

Tenancy Affordability and Rent Payments: Ensure the tenancy is affordable and that the rent is paid regularly and on time.

Rent Guarantee: Shekinah has a rent Guarantee service that will guarantee the full rent for the duration of the Tenancy agreement..

Move-In Inspection: complete a Move-In Inspection Form on taking up their tenancy, (including taking photos where appropriate), which will include any furniture that may be provided as part of the tenancy agreement.

Property Maintenance: ensure reporting any maintenance issues to the landlord. The support workers will enable the person to meet their responsibilities, including supporting them by offering side-by-side cleaning if needed.

Landlord Liaison service

A Landlord Liaison worker will be available to assist the Landlord in any relocation Shekinah makes and will provide a point of contact and support for the Landlord throughout the Tenancy.


We can help to arrange viewing of your property in accordance with Covid 19 protective measures. Virtual viewings can be arranged, and a small video can be an alternative to a personal viewing. In all cases the Landlord Liaison worker at Shekinah will be available to assist.

Landlord Responsibilities

We can help arrange any necessary legal responsibilities a Landlord has, such as Energy Performance Certificates, Gas safety certificates and Electrical Testing. We can also advise on Housing Standards issues.

Tenant Responsibilities

The Landlord Liaison worker can help the Landlord with any Tenant related issues that might arise during a Tenancy. He or she will coordinate with the Housing First team with regards to the Tenants behaviour and duty of care for the property as well as any rent issues.

Tenant Support Services

All people that we relocate are fully supported in their homes to make sure they pay their bills and keep the home clean and tidy. We make sure they are aware of their responsibilities as Tenants and we also provide a dedicated Landlord liaison worker to support the Landlord with any concerns and issues that might arise throughout the Tenancy.

Why One Bedroom self-contained accommodation

We believe everyone has a right to close their own front doors. The importance of self-contained accommodation are security and independence. Finding the right accommodation for the persons needs will ensure stability and sustainability.

LHA (Local Housing Allowance)

Most of the people we work with in rehousing are receiving an income from Universal Credit and their accommodation costs are paid for using the Local Housing Allowance. For one-bedroom self-contained accommodation that is £448.76 per month. It is important that rents are in line with the LHA for affordability and sustainability.

No Landlord fees.

We believe our Landlord scheme offers a sound alternative for Landlords who wish to join us in tackling Homelessness across Torbay with the peace of mind of our rent guarantee and our dedicated support services. There are no annual management fees and we do not charge for our tenant find services. Landlords will be expected to pay for their legal compliance certificates and documents.

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