Behaviours that evidence this value


1.      We are honest with ourselves, each other and those we help and make consequences clear.

2.      We nurture each person’s sense of who they really are and inspire them to be themselves.

3.      We model the change we expect in others.



4.      We listen without judgement and we look for root causes patiently.

5.      We start where the person is and not where we want them to be.

6.      We find a way - no matter how big the challenge or how small the resources.


7.      We stick with people and the outcomes that they want.

8.      We make time to make every conversation and contact count.

9.      We grow strength by being open about failings, setbacks and mistakes.


10.   We work relentlessly to help people consider new ways of thinking.

11.   We help people to help themselves.

12.   We create opportunities, options and choices.


13.   We identify the things that have huge worth – no matter how small.

14.   We help people love themselves so they can love others

15.   We value what makes us human: Meaningful Relationships and Purposeful Activity.