Due to the spread of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) here is an update of our Services.  Please see which are currently running and closed for the time being:    

Leonard Stocks Centre is open but currently unable to home new clients
Drop-In Centre
Training at 24 Stonehouse Street

The following Services are closed:

Housing First
Endeavour House
Shekinah Grow Project

Charity Shops - Union Street & Hyde Park

Our Hyde Park Charity Shop is now open! From 9am on Monday 12th April we will be open to the public, we are so excited to welcome you all back! Please adhere to social distancing whilst in the shop.

Union Street Charity shop will be open from Wednesday 14th April at 10am! We are so excited to welcome you all back! Please adhere to social distancing whilst in the shop.

The Drop-In Centre

Following a huge amount of hard work by agencies within Plymouth we have now accommodated 26 clients so that they can self-isolate.  We have helped set up the accommodation by providing food, toiletries and clothing and our Drop-In Centre staff are now working in these properties providing the support that our clients continue to need.  In partnership with Hamoaze House we are also cooking and delivering one main meal a day and providing snacks and drinks. 


The Drop-In Centre at Bath Street is still taking kind donations of food (by appointment) whilst abiding by the Government's social distancing advice.  Hand sanitisers are available on site and our staff maintain the high levels of cleanliness required at all times.  Please phone 01752 203480 and select option 4 to arrange this.  We are presently at capacity for clothes donations so can’t accept any more at this time.  However we will require them again in the future. 

All financial donations you make during this difficult time will help us not only to maintain these Services but also help us extend Services such as 24/7 telephone contact.  If you would like to make a donation we have an Appeal running in the Fundraising section of our website. 

Make Amends

Usually situated at Endeavour House in Torquay, a flexible service continues to meet the needs of all parties involved by telephone, Skype and other video conferencing facilities. 

CEO Updates

Our CEO John Hamblin is providing weekly video updates on our Facebook Page.  If you would like to watch these please click the link below.

Click here to view weekly updates

John has also started a Blog in which he will give monthly reflections of Shekinah's Services and what he has been doing.

To read the new Blog please click below or head over to Latest on our website menu and select Blogs. 

Read John's new Blog!


We now have a comprehensive risk assessment in place to help keep everyone safe.  If you would like to view it please click Shekinah Risk Assessment