Rough sleeping is the most visible, harmful and dangerous form of homelessness. It impacts severely on both physical and mental health and life expectancy is only 47 years.

Shekinah offers a range of support services for rough sleepers including day services, outreach services and accommodation services.

Day Services - The project provides a safe environment with a wide range of support services for people who are homeless. These include hot meals, showers, clothing, accommodation advice, access to on-site medical professionals (GPs and Practice Nurse), drug and alcohol support, advice and guidance with welfare benefits, outreach and tenancy support and referrals and signposting to other local agencies, some co-located on-site.

“I never would have addressed any of my issues without the everyday support that Shekinah has given me.”

“I feel strong now and am getting stronger. After several weeks I began to stabilize and to access the services on offer.”


Accommodation services - Leonard Stocks Centre is a 24 hour supported accommodation service in Torquay, which offers support to single homeless people and rough sleepers in Torbay. We accommodate up to 32 adults, with all referrals being made via the Torbay Council's Housing Options Team. In addition to supporting people move on into more permanent accommodation, we offer activities to help develop life skills and self-esteem, promote healthy living and create opportunities for people to talk about their hopes and dreams. 

“I don’t know what I would’ve done without the support of the staff. They’ve been like family to me and have helped me to get back on my feet again.”

 “I never thought I’d be able to get a job again because I was in such a mess. I’ve made my family proud again by sorting myself out, getting my own flat and finding a decent job. The centre was the best thing to happen to me.”