Here are some Good News Stories from our Private Landlord Scheme.

Adrian moved into his 1 bedroom flat in Paignton last April and is now approaching his first year in his new home. He has loved every minute and looks forward to another year there. He moved from LSC having stayed at the Hostel for 8 months. 

Paul moved into his 1 Bedroom apartment in Torquay in July 2020. He has been asked by The Landlord if he would stay and has agreed to sign a new Tenancy. He moved from the LSC where he had been a resident for 7 months following a period of time without accomodation.

Lucy and partner David after a period of time without any accommodation were housed temporarily in a bed and breakfast under the emergency Covid-19 measures in April 2020.  Lucy had previously served in the Armed Forces. Shekinah worked with the Royal British Legion to secure funds to move them into a private Tenancy in Torquay in December 2020.

All three moves were supported by the Shekinah Guarantor Scheme


Tenants in Their Own Words

“When you're homeless you don't know where you stand and get pushed from pillar to post. Now I'm here it's safe it's just nice to shut your door behind you at the end of the day”.


“It's nice not to have to rely on people for places to stay, it's nice to have a roof over your head at the end of the day and have something warm to eat, my son can come and see me now and stay”.


“We have our own space to do our own thing and control over our life and not having to keep answering to anyone”.


“Being warm and safe and private and cooking our own meals”.


“I have my own independence, I can sit down and do what I want to do when I want to”.


“l can listen to music and think about things and eat what I like when I like”.