We are privileged to have an experienced and passionate team working across a range of Restorative Justice cases and specialisms.  

Soo Brizell – Service Manager

Based in Plymouth, Soo joined the team in December 2019 and is responsible for the running and delivering of the Make Amends service.

“I believe that restorative justice can truly heal the harm caused by crime. Managing Make Amends brings together my professional experience and my personal values whilst creating many opportunities to work in partnership with key local organisations to really make a difference in the lives of people harmed by crime.”


Aisa Withey – Service Co-ordinator

Aisa joined the team in April 2015 and is based in Torbay. Aisa is a Senior Practitioner as well as Co-ordinator which involves managing referrals, volunteers and the delivery of training.  

“I really believe in the power of Restorative Justice. How it can leave people feeling empowered and like their needs have been met. It allows people to take responsibility and to be able to move forward in a positive way.”  


Clare Stirling – Team Administrator

Clare joined the team in September 2020 and is based in Plymouth. Clare assists the team with a range of administration support and assists in gathering feedback from those who have been through the restorative justice process.  


Jenna O-Connor – Senior Practitioner

Based in Plymouth, Jenna joined the team in January 2018. Jenna is an experienced restorative justice practitioner and leads in domestic abuse cases.  

“I have seen the real impact restorative justice can have on peoples’ lives and believe everyone has a right to have their voice heard and to feel supported and safe in doing so.”   

Gemma Leeming – Senior Practitioner

Gemma joined the team in February 2018. Gemma is an experienced restorative justice practitioner and leads in working with female offenders. Gemma also leads in covering cases in Cornwall.   

“I feel privileged to be part of the Restorative Justice approach and to witness the incredible results from people coming together so positively in Devon and Cornwall to make amends, despite what they have been through.” 


Eleonora Russo – Senior Practitioner

Based in Torbay, Eleonora joined the team in August 2020. Eleonora is an experienced restorative justice practitioner and leads in working with young people and in the area of mental health.

“I’m passionate about justice, equality and mental health. I believe in the power of self-awareness, authenticity and love as deep interconnection between humans and other species on the planet.” 


Charlotta Gare – Senior Practitioner

Based in Torbay, Charlotta joined the team in October 2019. Charlotta is an experienced restorative justice practitioner and leads in working with male prisoners and those with substance misuse and learning disabilities.  

“I really feel lucky to work as a Senior Restorative Justice Practitioner for Make Amends.” 

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