Plymouth remains a relatively low wage economy with over 20% of the city’s households earning less than £17,500 and over half earning less than £27,000. JSNA Plymouth Report 2017


Life expectancy varies across the city; from 86.5 years in the Plympton Chaddlewood ward to 76.4 years in Drake. Travelling the 7 miles west from Plympton Chaddlewood, or south from Southway, each mile closer to St Peter and the Waterfront represents over 1 year of life expectancy lost. JSNA Plymouth Report 2017


In 2015 there were over 26,200 people in Plymouth estimated to be suffering from common mental health problems including depression, anxiety, and obsessive compulsive disorder. JSNA Plymouth Report 2017


Alcohol and drug (illegal and prescribed) dependence are significant issues for Plymouth. They are commonly associated with mental health problems, homelessness, and offending, and have negative impacts on families and children. In 2015 over 5,500 people in the city aged 18-64 were estimated to be dependent on drugs; and nearly 10,000 were predicted to be alcohol dependent. JSNA Plymouth Report 2017


In 2014/15 there were over 5,600 alcohol-related hospital admissions, which is significantly higher than the English average. JSNA Plymouth Report 2017


The gap in life expectancy at birth between communities across South Devon and Torbay is around 8.9 years for males and 5.2 years for females. JSNA Torbay 2018 - 2020


Torbay is ranked as the most deprived local authority in the South West region.  JSNA Torbay 2018 - 2020


There are high levels of alcohol related admissions to hospital and Torbay has high levels of self-harm in the population JSNA Torbay 2018 - 2020