PROJECT  Torbay Housing First Service

JOB TITLE   Housing First Team Leader

RESPONSIBLE TO  Project Manager – Torbay Accommodation projects


As Team Leader of this small, dynamic team, you will oversee and participate in providing flexible, open-ended packages of support, advice and assistance to people who are/have been living on the streets, so that they are able to access and maintain a safe and secure home of their own.


Service delivery:

To manage the team and provide effective guidance, and to be responsible for supervising, managing and motivating team members on a daily basis.

As a team leader, you will be the contact point for all team members, so your communication skills should be excellent.

To establish open and trusting relationships with people who are/have been living on the streets or in temporary/insecure accommodation.

Develop an enabling partnership approach that supports all people using the service to attain their rights and entitlements.

To provide a safe, welcoming environment for people accessing the service.

Work within the framework of the overall objectives of the Housing First Team (HFT) and maintain the principles and fidelity of Housing First.

To work a flexible rota over 7 days to meet the objective of the service and to participate in the on-call rota.

To undertake individual work with people in conjunction with internal and external stakeholders.

Actively identify the strengths and aspirations of people using the service and enable access to relevant opportunities and/or services.

To provide advice and practical support across a range of issues including: Housing; Health; Safety; Harm Reduction; Mental Health and Wellbeing; and Welfare Benefits.

Assist with establishing people’s Welfare Benefits entitlements and provide practical assistance in completing applications and resolving any payment issues.

To accompany and provide support to people were possible on appointments to other services i.e. doctors, counsellors, court etc.

Ensure the daily operations of the HFT service are delivered and appropriate follow up is achieved.

To be responsible for keeping up to date contact records, daily logs, written assessments and incidents or events of concern and sharing that information as appropriate.

To work in close liaison and co-operation with other teams across Shekinah, the Torbay Alliance and other Statutory and Voluntary Agencies as deemed appropriate.

Personal responsibilities:

To work within the overall policies and procedures of Shekinah and ensure their implementation.

To attend team, locality, organisational and external agency meetings and training as required.

To implement existing policies and procedures and to input into the development of new policies and procedures.

You should also be able to act proactively to ensure smooth team operations and effective collaboration.

To lead by setting a good example and engage the team to achieve goals.

To engage in supervision sessions on a regular basis with the Project Manager.

To participate in relevant training and development courses as agreed with your line manager.

In conjunction with your line manager continuously develop the role to ensure that all tasks are being undertaken in an effective and appropriate manner to meet the strategic aims and objectives of the Alliance.

To undertake such other duties as might be reasonably assigned from time to time in consultation with the Project Manager.

To be vigilant to any Health, Safety and Welfare risks in the workplace and bring any concerns to the attention of your line manager



Person Specification – Housing First Team Leader:

Essential criteria:

A creative, flexible, compassionate, patient and sensitive approach to working with people who have experienced multiple disadvantage.

A working knowledge of the issues affecting people who have been living on the streets and their potential impact on people’s physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Relevant experience of leading a team which shares a common goal.

Experience of working with people who have been homeless or otherwise disadvantaged.

Excellent verbal and written communication and computer skills.

A commitment to work in accord with the principles of Housing First.

Desirable criteria:

Driving License.



Shekinah Culture

Our truthful, caring culture helps us stick with people through thick and thin as they discover their own identity.


Behaviours that define Shekinah’s culture:


Behaviours that evidence this value


1.      We are honest with ourselves, each other and those we help and make consequences clear.

2.      We nurture each person’s sense of who they really are and inspire them to be themselves.

3.      We model the change we expect in others.



4.      We listen without judgement, and we look for root causes patiently.

5.      We start where the person is and not where we want them to be.

6.      We find a way - no matter how big the challenge or how small the resources.


7.      We stick with people and the outcomes that they want.

8.      We make time to make every conversation and contact count.

9.      We grow strength by being open about failings, setbacks and mistakes.


10.  We work relentlessly to help people consider new ways of thinking.

11.  We help people to help themselves.

12.  We create opportunities, options and choices.


13.  We identify the things that have huge worth – no matter how small.

14.  We help people love themselves so they can love others

15.  We value what makes us human: Meaningful Relationships and Purposeful Activity.



Housing First principles can be viewed at