Hi, I'm Nickie and I'm a support worker at a hostel managed by Shekinah.
We offer temporary accommodation to vulnerable people, many of whom have no other shelter at all.
To many of these people, we are their only family and Shekinah not only support people with daily living but we also endeavour to make our clients feel welcome, cared for and safe.
Shekinah are a very special charity. Not only because they care for the people that require our help but because they care about their staff too.
I have ME - Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. This is a very debilitating disease often causing pain but one of the worst symptoms is chronic fatigue.
Many people would not offer me a position with their company because I am considered 'unreliable' due to the nature of my illness.
After 5 years of being housebound and several failed interviews, Shekinah offered me a position with them which not only gave me a reason to feel useful again but provided an opportunity to give back.
I cannot express how important your donation is, whether it is £1, £10 or £50.
This project is a necessity to those who need care, shelter and food.
We are all subject to vulnerability. I have used services similar to these myself and in some cases these services are life saving. Will you help me to help those in need please? Your donation will help Shekinah to continue with their essential work. Nickie Purewal