I am the runt in my family & certainly have never been a runner, but this has not stopped me making ridiculous claims like “I could do the Plymouth half marathon”!

However, I have managed to avoid trying until now, despite my son offering to train with me & for us to do it together, but when it came to it I realised I struggled to even run to the post box at the end of the road!
Covid brought homeworking for me & I took the opportunity to start the Couch to 5K, in place of my daily commute, just in case I was needed to do a ‘Dirty Harry’ & run from phone box to phone box to save Plymouth from a baddy! During my training runs my wife kept telling me I should give up before I had a heart attack & on one occasion I was spotted by John (Shekinah CEO) who told me I should give up, just based on what I looked like! However, I didn’t.

I have had an easy life & been very lucky but so many people have not had the same opportunities. Shekinah do a fantastic job helping people that have not been as fortunate as me. So, if you want to help give someone a second chance & make our community a better place, a donation to Shekinah would be a good start. Now in my 60’s it may be a bit late to start running half marathons so please encourage a desk bound, office boy by sponsoring me & prove that wife’s & the boss are not always right!

Steve Withers