Our criminal justice services recognise that different things work for different people at different times. We see the person first, which means that we work with people to identify their needs and support them to bring about positive changes.  Some of our criminal justice services include offender management, therapeutic victim services and routes into education, training & employment.     

Our Ethos  

At Shekinah we understand that desistance from offending is often a challenging journey that can be shaped by lapse and relapse. However we believe that given the right sort of support, encouragement and access to the right services people can move away from offending.  

Criminogenic Pathway Support 

Research shows that amongst other things the following needs are important in preventing offending and reoffending:

  • Accommodation 

  • Employment 

  • Positive relationships with family and friends 

  • Finance / Employment 

  • Good mental and physical health 

  • Recovery from substance abuse 

In our two community and probation 'hubs' based in Plymouth and Torquay we provide offender management services and close partnership approaches which help to steer people away from criminality. As well as offering practical support we also build positive pro-social relationships with our criminal justice clients, recognising the importance of fostering strong therapeutic alliance to support change.    

Trauma Informed 

All of our criminal justice services are trauma informed. This means that we understand trauma and offer an approach which avoids triggering trauma reactions by moving away from asking 'what is wrong with you', to 'what happened to you'. We regularly review our approaches, our environment and our services with all staff at Shekinah receiving training on trauma.