Shekinah understands that sustainable and meaningful employment is a key route out of poverty and can prevent homelessness. This is why Shekinah values its partnerships and collaborations across a diverse business community. Through these collaborations, we support businesses to offer quality work placements and employment, adopt new and inclusive approaches to recruitment particularly in the recruitment from disadvantaged groups and encouraging their employees to support Shekinah through employee volunteering. Through collaborating with Shekinah we help local businesses bring about lasting change which benefits their business and society. 

Ways in which your business can help: 

  • Financial support, why not choose Shekinah as your Charity of the Year? 
  • Offer work placements 
  • Unlock employment opportunities 
  • Support your employees to volunteer 
  • Use a team building day to benefit Shekinah 
  • Offer pro bono support 

Currently these companies are business partners:

Businesses that have chosen Shekinah as their charity of the year include:

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