Jessica was referred to the Re:shape programme via Longreach, a local Plymouth women’s residential rehab unit.  She is in her early 30s and has a history of anorexia and alcohol abuse.  Jess had made significant steps in addressing her issues around alcohol but was still holding onto her inappropriate relationship with food, possibly as a form of keeping some control in her life.  Re:shape offers a safe space for women to look at all areas of their lives ;to make links with their pasts and gain awareness of the ‘pay offs’ of their current negative behaviours.  Re:shape is a blend of therapeutic discussion, scientific evidence-based information, practical healthy fitness and nutrition, plus an emphasis on increasing physical and mental health and wellbeing. Presented beautifully on the outside, Jess appeared to ‘have it all together’, and during the first session was quite defensive when anything challenging was raised.  By the third session, an Apprentice-style Team-build activity, Jess started to relax a little and shone in her creative ability.  On week 4, during a discussion around parental ‘rules of approval’, perfectionism and self-compassion, Jess experienced an epiphany-moment, and from there on began to soften and start to really absorb the process.  By the end of the programme, Jessica had begun the healing process and was open and honest about her childhood, her struggles and her feelings of low self-worth. She has made some real progress in her eating patterns and for the first time participated in the communal food preparation and tasting activity.  Jessica has asked permission from her counsellor at Longreach to attend the next programme and has also committed herself to spend a day with our volunteer, Patricia, shopping, preparing and cooking nutritional and healthy food for her to eat. In her own words: 

‘I came along to this thinking that I know all this stuff. But, it has been a complete game changer for me.  I have never attended anything like this before; I feel I have been challenged and I know I cannot lie to myself anymore.  I really understand what is underneath my feelings now and I’m actually not (too) scared to start dealing with it.  My new saying is ‘It’s OK to not be perfect’!!’