I wanted to start by saying a massive thank you to the staff, volunteers, supporters and trustees of Shekinah. 2020 has been by far, the most challenging year I have witnessed during the history of our organisation. Without the dedication and support of lots of people, I am not sure we would have got through the year in the way that we have. 

As mentioned before in the last blog, all of our services are now back up and running, offering much needed support. I know for some people the way we are doing things is different and it will take some time for it to embed in. That said, I make no apologies for the changes that we have made, especially at Bath Street. I have just reviewed the figures for November and during that month the Bath Street team along with Path's Outreach team, secured and accommodated 24 people. 

These outcomes are incredible and show that by making changes to the way we operate, it has provided time and space for the staff to work intensively with individuals to secure accommodation and provide support. During this month we have also seen an increase in people using Bath Street and taking up training and volunteering opportunities, via both 24 Stonehouse Street and the recently established gardening group. If we have learnt nothing else, we know that change is constant and if we don’t change the way we work to meet the ever-changing needs of the people that come to us, we would be failing.  

Looking forward, we are very excited about 2021. We have a potential number of new developments happening, which we will give more information about over the coming months. To reassure people the one thing that won’t change is the support, love, care and compassion we offer people. Without this, none of our work has any meaning. So, until next year, can I take this opportunity of wishing you all a very peaceful and healthy Christmas and look forward to working with you all in 2021.      

John Hamblin 

Chief Executive Shekinah