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A big thank you to everyone who has donated so far. We've decided to increase our target, as this will enable us to double what we can do for those in need. Thank you.

Chris and Charlie Ede, long-term soup kitchen volunteers, will join the sleep out too


On Christmas Eve, I will be spending a night sleeping outside to raise much needed funds for Plymouth Soup Kitchen which takes place at Shekinah. The Soup Kitchen is part of Plymouth’s Soup Run, which provides around 27,000 meals a year to people experiencing homelessness or high levels of poverty. This year, Plymouth Soup Run has seen a 16% increase in the number of meals provided, reflecting increases in homelessness and financial pressures, even for people in work.


The Soup Run operates a mobile service Monday to Saturday, taking food to stops around the city, and on Sundays, it also comes indoors as a Soup Kitchen. I have been volunteering with the Sunday Soup kitchen for the last three years and I have witnessed first-hand the impact it has on people who find themselves in situations that no one would want to be in.


Established in 2011, the Soup Kitchen provides a lifeline to the city’s most vulnerable people, offering them a warm, safe and welcoming space where they can enjoy freshly made soups, sandwiches, fruit, cakes and hot drinks. The Soup Kitchen serves up to 115 people on a single night, and for some, this could be their only meal that day. In addition, we provide sleeping bags, blankets, toiletries, emergency clothing and, importantly, a friendly, non-judgemental listening ear. We also signpost people to appropriate services (e.g. housing support, mental and physical health care, financial advice).

All the people involved in the Soup Run are volunteers and we rely on donations to be able to operate. Cash donations enable us to supplement donations in kind and offer adequate quality food and meet the most pressing needs of people who use the service.

With the number of homeless people rising in our community and the weather getting colder, any donations, however small, will be hugely appreciated and will be put to good use.  Thank you so much for your support.


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