As soon as it became apparent that the spread of Covid 19 would have an immense impact on how we could continue to deliver our services, two of our staff immediately volunteered to effectively 'live in' thus ensuring we could effectively maintain the safety and security of the building and the people we accommodate.

This was an unexpected and remarkable offer, and for over a month, Gary Manning and Harrison Quick kept the project running, maintaining health and safety standards and remained to alert to any health issues affecting our people.

After the initial crisis period, other LSC staff quickly stepped in to ensure adequate rest periods and to support the continuation of the service during the lockdown; the senior worker Kath Davis, came to the project every single day for weeks in order to support the staff to leave and take exercise, maintaining double cover.

It's also important to note how the people residing in the hostel have positively responded to the challenges posed during this pandemic, it's been a calm and good humoured environment with people working together.  There was even time to have a socially distanced birthday celebration, a residents mother turned up at the hostel with her car decorated and happy birthday playing from her stereo (picture below).

In all it's been a real pleasure to observe how many of our staff have responded, to this crisis.  We'd already known they were good, but this period has demonstrated that they are truly excellent.