Katherine has been accessing the Re:balance fitness sessions at Shekinah for some time.  By her own admission, she found it very hard to be organised and her life seemed very chaotic.  Like many people attempting recovery, during the period we have known her she has relapsed several times using prescription drugs and alcohol and plummeting into deep depression and self-loathing.  However, after each episode, Katherine has always returned and tried again.  The Re:balance sessions are an ideal informal platform to gain trust and build relationships with people and it was through this that Katherine was persuaded to attend the Re:vive programme which begun to have a major impact on her thinking.  Having highlighted some things that required deeper work, Katherine then went onto engage with one of our counsellors.  Alongside this, Katherine has since accessed the Re:shape programme and had a transformational week on a Tectona Recovery voyage.  By her own admission, Katherine is a chronic over-thinker and catastrophiser.  Using all the tools that have been offered to her through her Shekinah journey she has now become fully responsible for her life; she is taking the daily necessary action to keep herself well and is now active in her community – attending church regularly, singing in a choir, keeping fit and volunteering for Shekinah a couple of times a week.  It is a privilege to have witnessed the transformation in Katherine.  She is now more calm, focussed and comfortable with who she is.