Dear Lucy, Louise & team.

When I first landed in Torquay, after a very bad past life, I was feeling very alone and to be truthful worried about what next. I suffer with PTSD, anxiety and depression, I had no direction, no friends, no support or anyone to talk to, then on top of it all I had to go back home to court following an incident that I'd been involved in.

When this didn’t go well I ended up with 150 community hours which I served at Shekinah’s Grow for life.

While there I got talking to Jo, who helps run Grow, and she recommended I go and talk to Lucy at Endeavour House, who she said may be able to help me with a new direction.

So this is where the new life story begins..

I'd just finished a couple of courses with a local training company as I thought it may help me decide what I want to do, as well as take my mind off things.

I met with Lucy and she gave me the idea of not only joining some wellbeing courses with Shekinah but also signing up to some relevant distance learning college courses. After discussing ideas and talking it through with Lucy I decided that I would like to try to get into PTSD counselling, not only to help me but also others.

Lucy also talked to me about the chance of doing some voluntary work with Shekinah at some stage, which I thought was very exciting,

Since then I have now done 2 courses with Shekinah as well as a Level 2 qualification in Understanding Children & Young People's Mental Health, plus I am halfway through a Level 2 qualification in Counselling Skills.

I would like to thank Lucy, Louise & all the team at Endeavour House for all the help and support so far and helping give me a new direction in my life, I'm looking forward to the next chapter and possibly working with you all.

Thank you.