Despite being ‘clean’ for a few years, when my partner suddenly died of an overdose, my whole life crumbled.  I went back on the gear, starting drinking again and stupidly started a relationship with another addict.  When I came into Shekinah to do some fitness work, I didn’t realise that I would get so much more than toned abs! With practical support from Shekinah, I have managed to start work on my hoarding issue and am in the process of redecorating my flat. I am now free of drugs and the drinking is a ‘work in progress’, but I will stop soon.  My daughter is now spending more time with me and I am enjoying being single again. I understand more about my destructive behaviour patterns and have started to ‘put myself to the top of the pile’ and not live through men.  I now do things daily that are healthy and respectful to ME; I still attend Re:balance a couple of times a week, which helps me to stay focussed and relaxes my mind.  I am on Shekinah’s counselling list and have started the Re:vive programme.  I’m looking forward to really sorting myself out – I know that this is a process and I am being patient with myself.