For our clients

Starters (£10.00)

A hot meal

Lunch with friends in a safe environment, friendship, a listening ear and respite from the cold.


Christmas. Perhaps the hardest time of year to be alone. For many people, Shekinah is the only place where they will be greeted and warmly received. Some have nowhere else to go.

Main Courses (£20.00)

A Health Check

Many people who access our services have serious health issues. Homeless guests have access to medical health professionals this Christmas.

Specialist Services

GP, Blood Borne Virus Nurse, Practice Nurse, Chiropodist and access to Dental Care. Access to Shekinah’s Training & Employability Programmes.

Specialist Advice

On-site Drug & Alcohol Counselling Service, Mentoring & Coaching, Practical Health Advice on Nutrition.


Support to help people find temporary and long-term accommodation.

Desserts (£10.00)

New Skills

Shekinah Training and Employability provides a range of opportunities for people to develop new skills. We run courses, workshops, taster sessions and a drop-in where guests can meet our Employment Team to help prepare and find a job in the New Year.


Even one visit to Shekinah at Christmas can positively impact on a person and give confidence and encouragement to make life-changing decisions with the wrap-around support to succeed. A shower, fresh set of clothes and a hot meal can help turn a life around receiving fresh hope for the New Year ahead.

Please help Shekinah at Christmas, and help someone leave homelessness and isolation behind for good.

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